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There is the popular misconception that security companies only offer personal security and that the business dictates driving around in a security car ensuring everyone is safe and everything is secure. However, the truth is that security companies actually offer a wide range of services to their customers and their customers can be anyone from ordinary people to local, state and federal governments.

Business Services

Some services that your security company will offer will be meant for businesses, or used most by businesses.

These include:

* Intrusion Detection and Control: Like burglar alarms and door/window sensors, providing this service to your customers means that if someone comes in after hours without deactivated the system properly, the alarm will go off. If customers have valuables hidden in the backroom, it can be set so that when the alarm goes off, the door to the back automatically locks, or a special gate comes across to seal it off from burglars.

* Access Management: Business owners want to have the ability to take control of their security system and that means they want to be able to see what is happening. With systems that offer video surveillance and remote monitoring, a business owner can keep an eye their business any time of day, anywhere that they have an internet connection.

* Fire Safety: Sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems and more are important for businesses. They do not want to lose their business or their stock due to fire and the quicker the fire is out, the more likely the business is to get back on its feet quickly.

Residential Services

Homeowners will use these services more than businesses will, so they are usually marketed towards them. These services include:

* Home Security: Window/door sensors, burglar alarms and Professional Cleaning Service In Troy NY 12180 motion sensors are all types of home security that homeowners may request from your company so they can feel secure.

* Mobile Security: When a customer is on vacation, they may want to know everything is safe back home. Giving them the ability to monitor their home remotely will help them feel secure and keep them buying security services from your security company.

* 24-Hour Monitoring: Homes are used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they need to be monitored as Affordable Roadside Assistance in New York, Professional Towing Service In Miami FL 33177 NY such. Customers want to know that when 5 p.m. comes around, that there will be someone at your security company monitoring their home and keeping them safe.

Government Services

Government institutions will need different, and usually more extensive, security services. Some of the services that your security company can provide to them include:

* Access Control: Government buildings and offices will want to control who can get into their building and access control systems give them that ability. Whether it is by Professional Tree Services In Port Charlotte FL 33948 keycards or handprints, governments want to make sure the people who are walking the hallways are people that are allowed to be there.

* Blast Mitigation: For sensitive documents or for offices with high profile politicians, there is the need to protect. With blast mitigation, an explosion will be limited and will not produce as much damage. Through reinforced walls, special fire-proof materials and more, they can keep their buildings secure from terrorist attacks.

* CCTV: Closed-circuit television is used by businesses and governments alike. As was mentioned, they give a client the ability to see what is happening in various areas of the building, as it happens so they can respond accordingly.

* Executive Protection: High-profile government executives need to be protected and your security company could be hired to provide that service. Whether it is providing surveillance as the executive moves about, or actually having a bodyguard follow them, you need to keep these individuals safe.

* Network Systems: Government servers are routinely attacked by hackers in an effort to get information, or to simply create a disturbance. Network system protection ensures that computer files are secure and safe in the case of hacking or attack.

Guard Services

Providing guard services can be a very lucrative endeavor for any security company. Some of the services that will be provided include:

* Uniformed Armed Guards: If someone needs to be protected or if there is a high-profile event going on that needs to have covert security, then your company's services will be contracted. To provide this, your company needs certification to carry firearms.

* Unarmed Security Guards: Typically this is for guarding buildings after hours or simply to provide a deterrent during working hours.